Trained For Sale


Name:  Sasha

Daughter of Ice and Ashley


19 Months, Black Female, Spayed

Energy Level:  Medium

Dominant / Alpha:  No, but she does like to act like a "big girl" but really is a "sweet girl"

Crate Trained:  Yes

House Trained:  Yes

Good with kids:  Yes but she does get worried and upset if you yell so probably a quiet household or less active home

Good with pets:  Yes, but she can be a little pushy during playtime.  She's not dominant but likes to play harder.

Good Habits:  Sasha really wants to please and love her owner.  She's super sweet and playful along with being very easy to live with in the home.

Bad Habits:  Sasha is sensitive and get's upset if people are yelling or VERY loud.  She would be great for a calm family, Novice owner or family with older children.

Health:  Sasha is very healthy.  No health concerns.  Up to dare on vaccines



Name:  Axl

Son of Ice and Ashley

19 Months, Black Male, Neutered

Energy Level:  Medium

Domiant / Alpha:  No

Crate Trained:  Yes

House Trained:  Yes

Good with Kids:  Yes

Good with pets:  Yes

Good Habits:  Axl is very willing to please and get's along in any situation.  I think he would enjoy obedience, agility and scent work activities.  He has an unbelievable scent ability.  He's very much a good ole' boy.  Axl would be great with kids or an owner that wants a running partner as he likes to be active but is also good at relaxing in the home after workouts. 

Bad Habits:  I don't believe I can identity any at this time.

Health:  Axl is very healthy.  No health concerns.  Up to date on vaccines. 

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