available for adoption

I have available for adoption a two year old, neutered male, natural ears from Jill and Luke. “Ben” is a large male that looks very similar to both Jill and Luke. “Ben” is friendly, sweet, playful but very active. He needs an owner that is active such as hiking, walking, running, obedience or agility. He wants to be active and is a strong, powerful dog. He does appear to be good with other dogs but I really want a home with maybe only one other dog so he get’s a ton of attention. I do not recommend him for homes with cats or young children as he’s sweet but powerful.

Ben has had a hard start in life. His owner wanted the best for Ben however he sadly committed suicide leaving Ben alone in a police station. Ben was returned into my custody while he was physically in good condition, he suffered from lack of training and attention. I will be interviewing homes EXTENSIVELY for him so please be prepared for a long interview process.

Pictures and video coming soon but he does look like Jill and Luke!