Bottom line - it's scary purchasing a puppy from a person you may never officially meet.  On this page, you will find references from past owners and even some from new owners.  Hopefully, this will put your mind at comfort as you continue joining the "ARC" family.

Lakota is doing great, we are so happy with him. He has a great personality, is very friendly towards people and dogs. He’s curious about everything and doesn’t show any fear. Attached are a few pictures of him with our female Elliemay.

Thank you for sending us such a great dog.
— Phyllis (Wyoming)
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Our girl Harleigh is everything we could ever want. She’s smart, sweet and full of personality! We were skeptical over the idea of getting a dog we couldn’t personally pick out, but it all turned out great. HUGE thanks to Jacqueline for pairing us with our angel.
— Ryan (North Carolina)
His protective instincts are starting to really kick in he never aggressively goes after anyone but any unfamiliar voice he hears or Someone he really isn’t familiar with he does bark at them. He is such a great dog and I couldn’t have asked for better.
— Mike (New Jersey)
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Dakota and I are best friends. He has acres of trees and mountains for his backyard. We walk in the woods at least once a day. He gets to come and go as he pleases and never seems to wonder far from me. We just celebrated Dakota’s one year birthday, and I took his picture to send to you (attached).
— Diane (North Carolina)
I just wanted to give you an update on my son Michael’s dog, Jax. If there was an ambassador for a breed it would be him.Everyone in our town who has met him or got to know him absolutely love him. He is as powerful a dog as you would meet, but has a gentleness and confidence about him. When our other dog passed in September, we waited awhile to adopt a new dog. They required us to bring Jax to the shelter. They all fell in love with him. They were impressed how well behaved and socialized he was, how friendly with people, how gentle with children, how unfazed with other dogs around. They even asked us while we were there, if they could bring him in to judge the temperament of some new puppies. They said he is welcome back any time. Everyone comments on what a handsome dog he is. He is very intelligent, very easy to train. His only fault is he doesn’t believe in using his intelligence to go through a bifold door, pure brute strength is much quicker!
— Mike (Massachusetts)
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My perfect girl. Thank you :)
— Joie (Pennsylvania)

The below is a note from an owner explaining the breed. Sometimes it’s better said from an actual puppy owner.


My name is ________, I have a 1 yr old female pup from Jacqueline.  I'm sure you've read up on the breed and have a good idea of what they are about by now.  Jacqueline has done an amazing job with her line of Beaucerons.  My girl is one of four dogs in our home. We have 2 Dobermans and a Belgian Malinois.  She is sensitive, sweet, playful and always under our feet.  You can't walk more than a few steps without her bumping you.  She's confident and challenges authority but lives to please.  I knew that she would be high energy but it still amazes me just how much energy she has.  Beaucerons have to be exercised well. We have a fenced in backyard and a pool which help a lot.  To give you some idea of a typical day....she plays in the morning when we get up for a half hour in the yard with the other dogs.  A dog walker comes at noon and walks her for a half hour, she swims when we get home, plays some more and just when everyone else has passed out, she relentlessly brings you a ball while you watch TV.  With that being said, she immediately settles in when its time for bed.  

Beaucerons are incredibly smart and routine oriented which makes them easily trainable however, they mature a bit more slowly than most breeds.  I have found that short 5 minute training sessions worked best with “Fluffy”.  Puppy classes are great for socialization but we'd leave for a few minutes, go out to the parking lot for a break and then continue class.  I live in “New Jersey” and there are very few people here that have heard of the breed, let alone fully understand them so its important to work with a trainer that is familiar with working breeds.  While Beaucerons are not overly difficult I think they ultimately thrive in homes that can provide them with adequate exercise, training and attention. “Fluffy” is good with children but because of her size and herding instincts I do not leave her alone with our neighbor's children.  She likes to bump them and try sitting on them.  They find it super cute but its really a dominance thing.

These dogs are truly exceptional.  Over the years we've had a Briard, a Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dogs and our current pack.  I have to say, “Fluffy” is my favorite.  She is a true comedian and great companion.

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Jacqueline has done an amazing job with her line of Beaucerons. My girl is one of four dogs in our home. We have 2 Dobermans and a Belgian Malinois. She is sensitive, sweet, playful and always under our feet. You can’t walk more than a few steps without her bumping you. She’s confident and challenges authority but lives to please.
— Kristen (Connecticut)